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96 - Drum and Bass - Brighter Days - July 2017
July 04, 2017 05:32 AM PDT
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After finishing off the house mix with mainly jackin and soulful tunes yesterday I decided to make another mix before our trip to see Norman Jay at Electric Elephant festival in Croatia tomorrow. I couldn't not do a Drum and Bass mix and I spent the early hours of the morning filtering loads of tunes and while I didn't have as long as I would have liked to do my research I was really happy when it came to recording the mix with the output. This is just over 2 hours of my favourite Drum and Bass, jazzy, rolling, funky, uplifting, progressive beats with fat baselines and vocals. Record labels include Hospital, RAM, 3beat, UKF, Hybrid and Sun and Bass recordings to name a few. Tunes from London Electricity, Hybrid Minds, Sigma, Calibre, Hugh Hardie, Nu:Logic, etc.

I will be back later this month with more music. In the meantime get your system on, connect the biggest sub woofer you can find and turn this badboy up!

95 - Jackin House - Obonjon Island - June 2017
July 03, 2017 10:05 AM PDT
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Back after a timeout for Gracie girl

! bought these tunes in Feb didnt get a chance to make them until today a few days before we hit Croatia's Obonjon Island for Electric Elephant Festival a celebration for a few old guys I know reaching the big 40! Bruv, Jarni, Sween, Mundis, Barton. Maisy, Ross, CC, Freddie Fruitcake.

Respect to the old boys!

It's housey, jackin, soulful, a few classics some new. Something a bit different. I will get into some records over the next month and do some reasearch and I will be back in the next few weeks with some more mixes. In the meantime enjoy this one



  1. Do It Now (extended mix) - Dub Tribe Soundsystem - Defected
  2. Saturday - Hazzaro - Guesthouse
  3. Love Hangover 2016 remaster - Joey Negro - Z Records
  4. When I See You - Angelo Ferreri - Mood Funk Records
  5. Don't Walk - Angelo Ferreri - Glasgow Underground
  6. Still Together - Mark Funk - Guesthouse
  7. Yeah (dub) - Sandy Rivera - Defected
  8. Coming After You - Angelo Ferreri remix - Demarkus Lewis - Monoside
  9. Need Some - Nathan Lee - Guess Who
  10. Piano Groove - Main Mix - Kenny Dope - Dopewax
  11. What Have You Done - Scott Forshaw / Greg Stainer - Armada 
  12. Discovery - Gary Touhy - Deeptown
  13. Givin My Love - Mark Funk / Gary Cruz - Guestouse
  14. All Night Kid Creme - Funksta Mix - Shakedown - Azuili
  15. The Goodfella - Norbot Housemaster - Kaleydo Prestige
  16. Hey Hey - DF Attention Vocal Mix - Dennis Ferrer - Defected
94 - Chilled House - Tuesday Maybe - July 2016
July 18, 2016 07:22 AM PDT
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Waiting for my mixes is turning out to be like waiting for bus.......... My 3rd mix in a fortnight is what I am calling Chilled House. The 40 tunes I have handpicked take you on a 3.5hr journey through a few genres of down and then more medium tempo house music. Genres include progressive deep house, commercial house and what I call deep house which is not this stuff from last few years thats been branded deep house when its actually commercial but genuinely deeper house. There are some old skool, garagey and handbag house riffs throughout this mix. With music amongest others from KANT, Robert Babicz, Tom Middleton, Vincenzo, Way Out West, Jody Wisternoff, Jamie Antonelli, Sandy Rivera, Ad Brown, Ian Pooley, Nora En Pure, Sebastien Leger, Larse, Yotto and EDX it#s a bit like a box of chocolates.

This set would be ideal to listen to by the pool, at a houseparty, while you are working or most definitely with a few sundowners. It would work as a decent warm up set with the last couple of tunes ready to link into a main room pumping progressive house set. I am thinking of recording my next mix as such so i can then link the two together to make a long player. Watch this space!

Turn it on, turn it up and enjoy the journey!

  1. Ocean Drive - Duke Dumont - Virgin
  2. Close - KANT - Push Communications
  3. Kaya - Androma - Armada Deep
  4. Oreon - KIWAMU Remix - Embliss, Ad Brown - Yang
  5. Danser - Playless - Toolrom
  6. Call Me Baby - Lou Van, Sofia Zlatko, Vijay - Armada Deep
  7. Maybe - Nora En Pure Vocal Mix - Sir Felix, Hero Baldwin - Nero Blanco
  8. Euphoria feat Remy Banks - Skream Remix - Boys Noize - Boysnoize Records
  9. Searching For Love - Sons of Maria - Nero Blanco
  10. Shadows of Love feat Heidi Rojas - Extended Mix - Sam Feldt - Spinni Records
  11. Be Good To Me - Jamie Antonelli - Croatia Squad - Nero Blanco
  12. Discopolis 2.0 - Original Rework - Lifelike, Chris Menace - Armada Music
  13. Hide & Seek - Morttagua Remix - Kyau & Albert - Euphonic
  14. Sweet Dreams - Lika Morgan - No Definition
  15. Better Off That Way - Nora En Pure - Enormous Tunes
  16. Come Down feat Liu Bei - Definition - Definition:Music
  17. Right Here - KANT - KNM
  18. Centurion - Jody Wisternoff Dub Mix - Robert Babicz - KNM
  19. On The Beach - Nora En Pure - Enormous Tunes
  20. Push and Pull - Ad Brown - Pacha Recordings
  21. Your Call - Ad Brown, Andrew Benson - Supercomps
  22. Tuesday Maybe - Way Out West - Anjunadeep
  23.  Here Now - AD Brown - Particles
  24. Set Free feat Ghost Loft - Tune & Berger, Ghost Loft - Ministry
  25. Chimera - Sons of Maria - Nero Blanco
  26. Fire - Jamie Antonelli Remix - The WIG, Panooc, Mary Carter - King Street Sounds
  27. Dream Of The Life - Malachi - Armada
  28. HEVA - Vincenzo Remix - Tom Middleton - Anjunadeep
  29. So Good - Sandy Rivera - Deep Visionz
  30. M'aider - Maxxi Soundsystem - Moda Black
  31. Like An Animal - Yotto Remix - RA1/4A1/4s - Sweat It Out
  32. Apart in Love - Yotto Remix - Roisto - Toolroom Longplayer
  33. Do It Good - Larse Remix - SA-Sa1/2Ey - Bargrooves
  34. Turakina - Ian Pooley - Pooled Music
  35.  In My House - Dirty Secretz - Whartone Records
  36. Soul Ties - Jamie Antonelli Remix - Max Lyazgin, Hot Sand - Indiana Tones
  37. Wrong Piano - EBTG V Sebastian Leger - Jask Mashup Mix
  38. Missing feat Mingue - Joe Stone Remix - EDX, Mingue - Spinnin Records
  39. ABC - Federico Scavo - PinkStar Records
  40. Roadkill - EDX Ibiza Sunrise Remix - EDX - Spinnin Deep
93 - Rubber Stamped Disco - I'm Here Again - July 2016
July 09, 2016 03:46 AM PDT
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I started with a blank canvass 3 days ago and after trawling some records shops and finding lot of differnet tunes of many genres, I decided to go on a disco vibe. I narrowed down my crate to the following 25 tunes and spent some time on Friday morning moulding them together into a cheeky mix that is ideal for summertime.

The mix is 130 minutes long starting at 114bpm and finishing at 124 bpm. There are some classic disco originals remixed by Joey Negro. Original artists include Cheryl Lynn, Grace Jones, Robert Palmer, Thelma Houston, Beverley Brown etc. While the theme is disco I am still able to mix it up with genres ranging from disco, nu disco, soul, funk, indie dance and house variations of. 

As usual turn it up and enjoy. Let me know if you like it!


  1. Every Kinda People - Joey Negro Multicultural Multitrack Mix - Robert Palmer - Z Records
  2. Pull Up To The Bumper - Joey Ngro Bumper To Bumper Mix - Grace Jones - Z Records
  3. You Saved My Day - Joey Negro Tell The World Mix - Cheryl Lynn - Z Records
  4. Gon' Dance To It - Discotron - Tasty Recordings
  5. Bang Bang - Discotron - Tasty Rcordings
  6. Music Is My Way Of Life - Joey Negro Funk In The Music Mix - Patti LaBella - Z Records
  7. Arp - Kim & Buran - Nang
  8. Do U Wanna Get Down - Late Nite Tuff Guy - Midnight Riot
  9. I Want Your Love - Jerome Robins, Jean Bacarreza - Jungle Funk Recordings
  10. Get Down, JB! - Me & My Toothbrush - Enormous Tunes
  11. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - Glacca & Flores - Enormous Tunes
  12. Air Miles - Me & My Toothbrush - Enormous Tunes
  13. Scream for Pleasure - Croatia Squad - Enormous Tunes
  14. Finally - Mart Remix - Jerome Robins - Jungle Funk Recordings
  15. I'm Here Again - Joey Negro Ready To Roll Mix - Thelma Houston - Z Records
  16. Boogie Oogie - Babert - Solid State Disco
  17. +++ - Coeo - Toy Tronics 
  18. Intro - Fred Falke, Alan Braxe - Vulture
  19. Ride Like The Wind - Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix - Christopher Cross - Z Records
  20. I'm Fee - Manpp Remix - Bev erlei Berown, David Anthony - Quantize Recordings
  21. I Love Music - Joey Negro Sweet Music Remix - The O Jays - Z Records
  22. Back in the Days - Coeo Toy Troncis
  23. Keep the Fire Burning - Joey Negro Feed The Falme Mix - Gwen Mccrae - Z Records
  24. Express Yourself - Barbabra Tucker - Bacci Bros Records
  25. Disko Knights - DJ DLG - Lazor Music
92 - No Return - Rubber Stamped Drum and Bass - June 2016
July 04, 2016 02:13 PM PDT
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It has been 2 years since my last Drum and Bass mix, can't believe that! I needed some big basslines and rolling beats so over the last 3 weeks I managed to narrow down 100 tunes that I liked and then finally bought 70. These got further whittled down to 60 after iistening to the whole tune in AIFF version once purchased. Then I had to programme the mix which was really hard because getting any sort of flow with that many tunes is difficult. I spent hours playing around with the flow until I was happy. I actually made a few last minute changes live in the mix but I am convinved that the journey works.

This 4 hour mix is what I would play at a festival with time to build a set and rock a crowd all afternoon. I try to take you up and down a bit early on starting with lots of vocals, progressive D&B and some rollers then it picks up later on. The mix is pretty varied and icnludes liquid, rolling, soulful, jazzy, funky, progreesive drum and bass and some lighter jungle. It features artists inclduing Roni Size, Logistics, Calibre, LTJ Bukem, London Elektricity, Sub Focus, Sigma, Hugh Hardie, Fred V and Grafix amongst many others.

Turn those sub woofers on, turn the volume up and enjoy!

  1. Touch feat Tiffani Juno - Toyko Prose Remix - Hybrid Minds - Hybrid Music
  2. Cold Light of Day - Logistics - Hospital Records
  3. Under Bars - Calibre - Computer Integrated Audio
  4. Hear of Gold feat Roisin Brophy - FD - Spearhead Recrods
  5. Parallel feat Zara Kershaw - Tecnimatic - Shogun Audio
  6. Fallen - Artificial Intelligence, Dawn Wall - Drum&Bass Arena
  7. Impossiblew to Say - London Elektricity, Pete Simpson - Hospital Records
  8. City Life - Logistics - Hospital Records
  9. Whay are we here SPY remix - London Elektricity - Hospital Records
  10. Hope - Break, Celestine - Hospital Records
  11. No Return - Karma, Friction Shogun Audio
  12. Electric Sun - Logistics, Sherry Davies - Hospital Records
  13. Artificial Skin - London elektricity, Keeno - Hospital Records
  14. As Much as I Can feat Hannah Eve - Phil Tagent - Integral Records
  15. City Soul - Silence Grrove, Hugh Hardie - Hospital Records
  16. Love Me - Macca, Loz Conreras - Fokuz Recordings
  17. Falling - Villem Remix - Malaky - Fokuz Recordings
  18. Glimpse feat DBridge - Ivy Lab Remix - SpectraSoul, dBridge - Shogun Audio
  19. Stay Here - Fred V & Grafix - Hospital Records
  20. Another - Calibre - UKF
  21. Redemption - Sigma, Jacob Banks - 3beat Records
  22. Endorphins - Sub Focus Vs Fred V & Grafix - Virgin EMI
  23. Eclipse - Sub Focus - Virgin EMI
  24. Comb Funk - Fred V & Grafix - Hospital Records
  25. Ultraviolet - Fred V & Grafix - Hospital Records
  26. Pharoah - The Upbeats, Ivy Lab - Vision Recoridings
  27. Run the Block - Document One - Technique Recordings
  28. Remedy - LSB - Drum&Bass Arena
  29. Icarus feat Hugh Hardie - Logistics - Hospital Records
  30. Vapour Trails - LSB Remix - London elektricity - Hospital Records
  31. Ghost - Delta Heavy - RAM Records
  32. Drawing you - Phil Tangent - Integral Records
  33. The Ple - PROFF, Soultorque - Silk Music
  34. Sentimentality - Logistics - Hospital Records
  35. Be Mine - Malaka, Satl - Fokuz Recordings
  36. Finish Line - Logistics, Zara Kershaw - Hospital Records
  37. If Only feat Hugh Hardie - Hugh Hardie, Phaction - Fokuz Recordings
  38. Solarize - Logistics, Maduk - Hospital Records
  39. White Flag VIP - Delta Heavy - RAM Records
  40. Good Times - Sigma - 3beat Rcords
  41. Dust - Kove - Drum&Bass Arena
  42. Red Rock - Loadster - RAM Records
  43. Drop It Hard - Beat Assassins - Mofo Recordings
  44. Play feat UK:ID - Muzzy - Monstercat
  45. Slow Down - Sigma, Jetta - 3beat Records
  46. A Little Closer - Seba - Fokuz Recordings
  47. Love You - Facing Jinx - Fokuz Recordings
  48. Rudeboy - DJ Version - Sigma, Doctor - 3beat Recordings
  49. What are You - Break Remix - Jade - Citrus Recordings
  50. Mr Maverick - Calibre - Signature
  51. Got to Have You - Calibre - Signature
  52. Original Selecta - Mediks - Drum&Bass Arena
  53. Drop It Down Calibre - Signature
  54. Makes Me Wonder - Calibre - Signature
  55. Rock the Boat - Roni Size - Full Cycle
  56. Yoohoo - LTJ Bukem Remix - Dusky - 17 Steps
  57. Lights Out Revamoed feat David Boomah - Rene Lavice - RAM Records
  58. Mirage - Trei - Viper Recordings
  59. Those Eyes - Phase, Midnight Request - Fokuz Recordings
  60. Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran & Rudimental - Big Beat Records
91 - Deeper Love - Rubber Stamped Upfront Beach House - November 2015
December 10, 2015 12:27 PM PST
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WARNING! This mix is a different from usual and probably not one for the purists. I was very much in 2 minds about making it but I have had a few requests for some main stream house dating back a while and the other weekend some mates were asking what sort of set I would play as a main set at a big outdoor beach party with a more commercial crowd. Figured it was a good test of versatility and this is the end result......

There's a couple of link tunes to pickup from a pretend warm up act and these are what is today called deeper house but they are not very deep in my book. Then the mix kicks straight on into upfront house music with lots of well known riffs, vocals, piano melodies, etc. This is pumping commercial house music with at times a garagey twist along the same vibe, proper drunk feel good main room dancing tunes. Takes me back to the mid 90s with all the legendary bucks boys we were 16 and going to commercial house clubs like Visage in Hemel, Kudos in Watford, etc. they all were playing this 125bpm house sound. I end with a 2003 progressive uplifter just for good measure. I have to say it difficult to play commercial house these days and not cross over to EDM (errrrh!) but I think I just managed it, all about the garagey basslines.

Turn it on, turn it up and see!

1. Hey Ho - DJ Dan, Whitenoise - Instereo Recordings
2. I Get Deep - Roland Clark - Richard Earnshaw Mix - Deeptown Music
3. Saltwater 2015 - Nora En Pure - 2015 Rework - Enormous Tunes
4. Shelter - Crazibiza - PornoStar Records
5. Show Me Love - Sam Feldt - EDX Indian Summer Remix - Spinnin Records
6. U Got My Body - Nora En Pure - Enormous Tunes
7. Breaking The Doors - Michael Calfan - Extended Mix - Spinnin Records
8. How Deep Is Your Love - Calvin Harris, Disciples - Extended Mix - Columbia (Sony)
9. World - Dan Caster, Bjorn Stoerig - Caballero Recordings
10. Love Blind - Dave Rose - D2L Recordings
11. Ocean Drive - Duke Dumont - Shaun Frank Remix - Virgin EMI
12. Chicago - Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro - Strictly Rhythm
13. Real House - Samuele Sartini - Jason Chance Remix - Groovejet Records
14. Shades of Grey - Oliver Heldens, Shaun Frank, Delaney - Club Mix - Spinnin Records
15. Fall Under Skies - Robby East, Jones Aden - Extended Mix - Helpdeep Records
16. Somebody To Love - Freejak, Mr Belt & Wezol - Spinnin Deep
17. Got The Love - Don Diablo, Khrebto - Spinnin Records
18. Through The Night - Greg Staine, Lucy Clarke, Scorr Forshaw - Armada Deep
19. Dance - Slideback, Philippe B - InStereo Recordings
20. Make Me Feel Better - Alex Adair - Hexagon
21. Angels of Love - Seamus Haji - Big Love
90 - Never Worried - Rubber Stamped 5hr House Progression - September 2015
December 10, 2015 10:42 AM PST
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This is 5hr long player combines my last 2 mixes starting with a mixture of melodic deep house and nu disco. The set gradually builds moving to some quality progressive house, then again at the end the tempo picks up as I move it into some pure uplifting goodness! Ideal for a house party where you want a soundtrack that progresses. 

Wherever and whenever you listen, make sure you turn it up!

89 - Hope Rises - Rubber Stamped Nu Disco and Deep House - August 2015
July 27, 2015 11:19 AM PDT
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After the success of my last podcast a few days ago i was inspired to push on and make another one. I started record shopping with an open mind and found myself drawn to some nu disco but also some deep house that was more on the melodic / funky side than what i would originaly have called deep house (more minimal) 5-10 years ago. I bought 25 tunes and this mix starting at 114bpm and finishing at 124bpm (fairly downtempo) aims to fuse the 2 genres smoothly together all the way through the mix rather than taking the easy option of disco first then deep house.....  These tunes are ideal at a bar when you first arrive to get the feet tapping and head nod and by the end you'll be dancing. They would also work really well on holiday with a few sundowners or in the park on a summers days.

The mix features tunes from artists including Nora En Pure, Sharam Jay, Booka Shade, Tube & Berger, Timmy Vegas, Jamie Antonelli, Maceo Plex, Sasha and Dubai's very own Raxon.

For now that's enough talk, it's time to get dowloading, enjoy the disco deep house blend and of course make sure you turn this one UP, the music always sounds better when your speakers are singing clear and loud!

A full tracklisting is below:

1. Come with Me - Nora En Pure (Satin Jackets Remix) - Enormous Tunes
2. Down the Isle - Sun friends, Paul Richmond  - Nero Blanco
3. Can't Let You Go - Joeblack (Extended Mix) - Mullet Records
4. Always - Favoured Nations - etcetc
5. Yes Yes Ya'll - Sharam Jay - Bunny Tiger
6. Rock DJ - Andrey Exx, Diva Vocal, Troitski (Deepjack & Mr Nu Remix) - Tiger Records
7. Sunshine - Khetama, Marra Kesh (Extended Mix) - Enormous Tunes
8. Never Worries - Me & My Toothbrush - Enormous Tunes
9. Come Inside - Jasmin, Patrik Ferryn (Luca Debonaire City Lights Mix) - Tiger Records
10. Never Give Up - Nytron - No Definition
11. Brown Sugar - Platinum Doug (Croatia Squad Mix) - KNM
12. Make It Hot - Stephane Deshezeaux - Springbo kRecords
13. Dirty Dust - Clyde P (Jamie Antonellie Remix) - Deepinside
14. Symphony - FS (Raxon Remix) - Tretmuehle
15. Line of Fire feat Karin Park - Booka Shade (Tube & Berger Remix) - Toolroom
16. Hope Rises - Nora En Pure - Nero Blanco
17. Down To Earth - Fluight Facilities (YOUNGr Live Mix) - Future Classic
18. I Need Sunlight - Wlady (Luca Debonaire Remix) - Tiger Records
19. True Confession - Vanilla Ace, Adam Baum - Kittball
20. When They Come - Tube & Berger - Kittball
21. Bangkok - Dato (Extended Dub) - Mullet Records
22. Fallin - Maceo Plex - Vision quest
23. Don't Stop featuring Jennifer Wallace - Timmy Vegas (Disco Mix) - Mullet Records
24 Set Me Free - Fancy Inc (Jamie Antonelli Remix) - Indiana Tones
25. Hey Now - London Grammar (Sasha Remix) - Metal Dust Recordings
88 - Two Sides - Rubber Stamped Uplifting Goodness - July 2015
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July 24, 2015 03:03 AM PDT
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With my beloved Sands and Sam away in SA as its fairly hot here in Dubai, I am in that quieter time of year again and finally I was able to spend a few days record shopping. After a couple of house mixes and a big beat bouncer earlier this year, I fancied making something more progressive and uplifting and the end product is 3 hrs long, using 33 mostly new tunes. I did however manage to sprinkle in 3 or 4 oldies for good measure including the last tune "I am" by Chakra albeit a new A&B remix. This is a classic for me as I first purchased the original on vinyl way back in 1997 this was when we used to go to Peach at Camden Palace or Gallery at Turnmills back when trance was trance! The mix starts slow almost classical then into some deeper progressive stuff but builds quickly to full on progressive house where it stays for a good while before I pick up the tempo towards the end moving into some big room stuff and some full on trance at the end. Turn it on, turn it UP, sit back and let the goosebumps flow!

Tracklisting is below:

1. Quiter is Louder - Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats
2. The Bridge feat Sian Evans - Jody Wisternoff - Anjunadeep
3. Boundaries - Yoon - Jody Wisternoff Remix - Junkdog Records
4. Undone - Chris Coco, Eric Kupper - Hysteria Records
5. Cold Water - Darin Epsilon, Ad Brown - Silk Royal Records
6. I'll Try - PROFF - Ad Brown Remix - Silk Digital Recordings
7. Motion - Ad Brown - Silk Digital Recordings
8. Echo - Luke Chable - Zerothree Mix - Zerothree
9. Choices - Vitodito, Silence Groove - EDU Remix - Macarise
10. Hello - Above & Beyond - Album Mix - Anjunabeats
11. Loving You - Pryda - Pryda Recordings
12. We're All We Need feat Zoe Johnston - Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats
13. All Over The World feat Alex Vargas - Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats
14. Flame - Anden State - Alter Ego Records
15. Patience feat Julie Thompson - Supre8 & Tab - Estiva Remix - Anjunabeats
16. Peace Of Mind feat Zoe Johnstone - Above & Beyond - Myon&Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix - Anjunabeats
17. Out of Time - Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats
18. For You - Same K - Above & Beyond Edit - Anjunabeats
19. Miss You - LTN, Ad Brown, Cat Martin - Silk Royal Records
20. Why Do We Try? - Ad Brown - Silk Royal Records
21. Aika - BT, Super8 & Tab - Rafael Frost Remix - Anjunabeats
22. Tonica - Ad Brown - Eximinds Remix - Silk Royal Records
23. Satelitte feat OcenLab - Above & Beyond - Markus Schultz Coldhabour Mis - Anjunabeats
24. Gone Missing - Sequentia - Nitrous Oxide Remix - Infrasonic Recordings
25. Ait For Life - Andy Moor, Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats
26. Sirens Of The Seas - OceanLab, Above & Beyond - Cosmic Gate Vocal Mix - Anjunabeats
27. Two Sides - Nitrous Oxide, Jess Morgan - Adrian & Raz Recordings
28. Velvet Morning - Kyau and Albert, Super8 & Tab Remix - RNM bundles
29. Where Are You - Abbotr & Chambers - Super8 & Tab Remix - After Egoi Digitial
30. Breaking Ties - Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Mix - OceanLab - Anjunabeats
31 Cage Bird - Nitrous Oxide, Stine Grove - RNM
32 Oceanic feat Tranquility Base - Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats
33. I Am - Chakra - Above & Beyond Mix - ARVA
87 - One Way Back - Rubber Stamped Breaks - April 2015
April 15, 2015 10:42 PM PDT
itunes pic

As we roll into April, it just felt like time for fat, rolling, funky breakbeat goodness..........

I have always been into my breaks from the minute as a teenager that I first heard those big juicy beats, kick drums and rolling basslines, I was hooked. My first taste came during my early trips to Brighton when me and the Bucks Boys used to party at the beach club where a certain Fat Boy Slim ran his "Big Beat Boutique" promotion. That early big beat was just perfection to me and I followed the genre ever since and Plump DJs and Stanton Warriors debut albums both released at a similar time (A Plump Night out and The Stanton Sessions) became legendary CDs that I owned and rinsed time and time again. Later in the mid 2000s at our JamBasha parties we always had a breaks and D&B room where we hosted headliners such as Drumattic Twins from Fingerlickin Records. Breaks have stayed with me ever since and it's interesting to see how the genre has developed after slowing down for a while.

I have picked 30 tunes which technically span genres including glitch hop (new to me!),  tech funk, dubstep and breaks. If you were to categorise the breaksbeats on this mix , they would be split into tech breaks, some garagey sounding breaks i guess evolved from the newer garagey deep house sound that has been prevalent recently, some progressive breaks (I love my melodic uplifting sounds) and some old skool house piano jams with the classic breakbeat #piratejams.

The way I have blended the mix is so that I take you on a journey through the different breakbeat sounds, evolving as you get through the mix from 100bpm glitch hop to 138bpm full on pumping breaks. Go with it, you need to listen to the full journey to understand it.

It is a pleasure to say that I have included 5 tunes from JamBasha's own Chevy One who has worked so hard for so long and as usual hard work has paid off. Chevy has moved his way up the scene and as is now a leading producer of tech funk originally working out of the Lot49 stable with Dylan Ryhmes and Meat Katie he is now producing and remixing tunes with lots of other famous producers as well. Check Chevy out

Now download the mix but remember this is not background music, turn it on preferably in a quality sound system with a beefer subwoofer, turn it UP, turn it up again, relax and enjoy the big beat journey!

1. Robo Booty - Teknizm Cut - Opiuo - Additech
2. Lycra Chakra - Goosebumpz - Additech
3. Happy Days - Howla Mix - Pirate Jams - Disco Cakes
4. Tunnel Visions - Birds of Paradise - Additech
5. Wiggle Sticks - Forst Knox Five Remix - Opiuo - Additech
6. Beat It Kids - Libton - Additech
7. One Way Back - Pirate Jams - Punks
8. She Can't Love You - Bombo Ross - Punks
9. Taking It Back - Better Than Before Pirate Jams Remix - Deekline, PSG, Asha Rae - Gutter Gutter
10. War - Teddy Killerz Remix - Far Too Loud, Astronaut - Monstercat
11. Money Clip - Beatslappaz - Punks
12. Deep Synapse - Checy One - LOT49
13. Sour Smash - Fylan Rhymes, Chevy One - LOT49
14. Be The One feat Lexie - Chevy One, Stanley Knife - Ayra Recordings
15. Taking It Back - Martin Flex & Mutantbreakz remix - Deekline, PSG, Asha Rae - Hot Cakes
16. M.F. Breakbest - UFO Project - Rat Records UK
17. I Want You - Pirate Jams - Punks
18. Treat Me Right - Pirate Jams - Punks
19. Pulse - Chevy One Remix - Ben Coda - LOT49
20. Groovebox - Blazer - Neom Recordings
21. Isoloation - Retroid Remix - Alter Form - Ego Shot Recordings
22. Feel My Love - DJ D-Xtreme - Straight Up
23. Earth Nose - Xen Ochren, Blitz - VIM Records
24. Gonna Break Ya - UFO Project - Rat Records
25. Crater Tunnels - Shade K - Straight Up
26. Tear It Up - The Beatkillers - Straight Up
27. The Vibe - MartOpetEr Remix - Dirt Revolver - KindCrime Recordings
28. Brightness - Colombo - Straight Up
29. Into Sunrise - Fletric - VIM recordss
30. On Point - GENUSS remix - Magnus - VIM Records

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